The rooms - Casanova di Solaia

The rooms

Each of the three rooms of the Casanova di Solaia boutique B&B has its own character: the furniture and size differ, the attention to detail is common to all three, with an intimate and sophisticated, cosy and unconvential atmosphere a few minutes away from the centre of Siena.

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Breakfast - Casanova di Solaia


Breakfast is an important ritual at the Casanova di Solaia B&B. A good, abundant Italian breakfast, with the best fresh food (either sweet or not) of the local traditions, served in refined porcelain, has become a fundamental moment for the guests.
Dietary needs can be specified on reservation.

Boutique Hotel Siena -BB Casanova di Solaia
best boutique hotel in Siena Italy with parking near city centre

Flaminia - Casanova di Solaia


Flaminia, of an old Siennese family, knows her way around the area and its traditions.

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Useful information - Casanova di Solaia

Useful information

Casanova di Solaia is a boutique B&B open year round. The living area with free WiFi, fireplace and ample library with books in English, French and Italian, is agreeable and functional.
Plenty of free parking, no reservation needed.
Check-in 2:30-6:30 PM
Check-out 8:30-10:30 AM
Other check-in times can be requested.
No animals.

Where we are - Casanova di Solaia

Where we are

Casanova di Solaia, a few minutes drive from the centre of Siena, is the ideal choice for those who would rather keep away from the bustle of the city, in the quiet Siennese countryside.

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